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👋 Hi there, I'm Grégoire [gregwar]

Product manager based in Paris with 12 years of professional experience in hyper growth technology companies. I'm passionate about solving complex problems, and working with cross-functional teams in dynamic environments. Currently building the future of work at eFounders.

We build the future of work * eFounders

If you'd like to know more about what we do at eFounders, I spent some time discussing product with on 2 podcasts (both in French 🇫🇷)

Jordan Chenevier-Truchet

from Conquête


Alex Delivet

from **SaaS Connection**



Product Management

I spend my days doing user research, data analysis, customer interviews, functional specifications, and wireframing.

🌤 UI/UX Design

I design clean and simple interface for web and mobile, focusing on efficiency, usability, and great user experience.

🌥 Web Development

I create websites that look good on any device, using the latest technologies. No code and automation tools are my new favorites.

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